History & Culture

In 1997 Baines & Ernst was originally founded as a small debt collection company of 50 people, eventually turning it's focus to debt management. As the company grew it launched the first of several successful television campaigns in 1999, which a large amount of our new clients still remember. After acheiving ISO accreditation in 2000 the company went on to become the market leaders in debt management the following year.

With a view to broadening the proposition to potential clients Baines & Ernst teamed up with the Funding Network in 2003 to offer secured lending and re-mortgages. Following on from that in 2005 Blair Endersby Ltd was formed, expanding the group's services to include the Individual Voluntary Arrangements market. It has always been the plan for the group to be able to offer a solution for as many situations as possible and this came closer to reality in 2007 with the formation of Baker Evans, advising on bankruptcy and Buchanan Roxburgh, offering solutions to our Scottish clients. 2007 was also the year that the group as a whole began to develop it's own identity with the Paymex name.

The ambition of the Paymex Group is evident, with new ventures being investigated all the time. The key element which drives the Paymex Group is the quest to be able to offer a complete financial solution which can be tailored to suit anyone in a constantly evolving industry.