Debt Management with Baines & Ernst

For over a decade, Baines & Ernst has been working to help people to live a life free from debt. With Debt Management Plans (DMPs) we have helped tens of thousands of people change their lives. The DMP is an informal arrangement between your client and their creditors, and we will use our unrivalled experience to negotiate the best deal for your clients.

With a Debt Management Plan from Baines and Ernst your clients may be able to reduce their monthly payments, making them easier to bear.

If your client's debt problems aren't significant enough to warrant bankruptcy, if they don't have a very high disposable income, or if they expect a change in circumstances in the near future, a Baines and Ernst Debt Management Plan could be what they're looking for.

Your clients simply make one affordable payment to us every month which we distribute to they're creditors.

Because we have built up fantastic relationships with many established creditors, we are often able to reduce or freeze interest and other charges - although this cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the Debt Management Plan is fully flexible and can be altered at any time to suit your clients changing circumstances. They can even cancel their plan at any time with no penalties.

With a DMP your clients can enjoy these benefits:

One monthly payment

  • By making a single payment to Baines & Ernst your client can do away with the hassle of trying to keep up with multiple payments to creditors

Affordable payments

  • We work out the payments to the plan based on what your client can reasonably afford, after all their relevant income and expenses have been taken into account

Interest and other charges frozen

  • Whilst not guaranteed this is often possible; if this is the case your client’s debts will not increase during the life of the plan. This depends on the client’s individual circumstances and creditors’ agreement

Our typical criteria for a Debt Management Plan (DMP) are:

  • More than £5,000 of unsecured debt
  • 2 or more creditors
  • Disposable income of at least £200/month
  • Genuinely struggling with their debt

Your clients payments are kept under regular review and if we believe an alternative solution has become available, we'll tell the client about it. They make an informed choice as to what to do next.