Scottish Debt with Buchanan Roxburgh

Set up in 2007 to cater specifically for Scottish residents, Buchanan Roxburgh specialises in providing Protected Trust Deeds (PTDs) and Sequestration. The Insolvency Practitioner in charge of our Scottish operation has over 20 years’ experience, and our warm, friendly staff will ensure your clients receive advice of the highest quality and unparalleled customer service.

Protected Trust Deeds and Sequestrations

A Protected Trust Deed (or PTD) is the Scottish equivalent of an IVA and sequestration is the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy and is available to those residing in Scotland.

The laws and regulations are different to the English legislation but the end result and underlining principals are the same i.e. Upon acceptance interest and charges are frozen and at the end of the agreement any unpaid debt is written off.

Clients can clear debts in 3 years with a Protected Trust Deed

A Protected Trust Deed is known as a PTD or a Trust Deed, is a formal legal commitment that subject to approval, helps clients only pay off what they can afford, with the remainder being written off. They are very similar in effect to IVAs. However, there are a few important differences:

  • Term - A PTD typically lasts 36 months
  • Debt Level - The minimum debt needed is £10,000
  • Creditors - A minimum of 3 creditors is necessary to qualify for a PTD
  • Monthly payment - Provided your client has some assets they can draw upon, the minimum disposable income required is £200

When a client embarks upon a PTD, they'll make monthly payments based on what they can realistically afford.

Usually, after three years, any remaining debts are written off.

The sequestration support service

We provide a 24hour service and helpline to support your clients through the sequestration process.

Sequestration should be a final option in terms of a debt solution.If your client hasn't already looked at other options, they may be interested in discovering the benefits of a PTD or a Debt Management Plan. These solutions help clients to pay back their creditors without the same damage to their credit history.

However, if this really is your client's only option left, with the sequestration support service, they will have access to specialist advisors for help and guidance in their time of need.

We believe that having a dedicated team for Scotland allows us to focus on the special and complex requirements of Scots law. Your Scottish clients will benefit from the knowledge that their case is being handled by a highly professional team with specific experience of the Scottish market.