About Us

Back in 1998, Baines & Ernst was founded as a small debt collection company of 50 people in Manchester. By the end of 2000 it had turned it's attention to Debt Management and already distributed over 79 million back to creditors. From that point on it has continued to lead the way in the Debt Management industry.

With a view to broadening the proposition to potential clients Baines & Ernst teamed up with existing companies and created new ones. Eventually leading to the formation of the Paymex Group.

Today, there are hundreds of Debt Management companies in the UK alone. But with our comprehensive range of products and services, the Paymex Group offers a complete financial solution that few can compete with.

We, along with our partners deliver everything from bankruptcy advice, IVAs, Debt Management to loans, remortgages and Scottish Debt solutions. Add to that managed bank accounts, home insurance, health insurance and you'll get an idea of our true scope.

We're looking for people with enthusiasm, prepared to work hard and respond quickly to change. People who strive every single day to make our customers feel great. For these qualities are essential in an industry moving as fast as ours.

Yet we're not complacent about our unrivalled success. The Paymex Group is still a relatively young group and retains its hardworking attitude. Teamwork, communication and ongoing improvement are all part of our culture. Most of all, we are committed to ensuring that Paymex customers enjoy the very best service and customer care as we continue to grow.