Introducer Information

The Paymex Group has over a decade of experience in the debt solutions industry and a market-leading product portfolio. We have distributed over £1/2billion to creditors on our clientsí behalf, and unlike most of our competitors we can service cases in both Scotland and the rest of the UK in-house. With Paymex you get the complete financial solution.

What can Paymex introducers expect?

Excellent commissions

We offer a range of deals including pay-per-lead, fixed or percentage commission on completion of application, and variable rates depending on the product.

Easy payment

All monies earned will be paid on a monthly basis, either by cheque or by electronic transfer.

Easy Referral

We accept referrals using a variety of methods such as hotkey transfers, data in Excel or CSV format, or emailed leads.

Daily Updates

If required, a full report of your clientsí progress will be updated on a daily basis.

Single Point of Contact

We will assign to you a dedicated Management Information Specialist who will compile reports and respond to any queries you may have.

Customer Care

Whether you refer 1 or 100 clients each day, you can rest assured that every one will receive the best available advice and service, subject to stringent compliance requirements.