Paymex People

What's it like to work for the Paymex Group?

Customer Services Advisor – 1 year

“I’ve been here nearly a year now and I’d say it’s just a fun place to work. Even though a year isn’t a long time it’s nice to be recognized for your effort and that’s given me plenty of opportunity to progress.”

Approvals and BACS manager – 8 ½ yrs

“I love it here. I’ve been here since I left school and the company has opened so many doors for me and above all turned me into a mature, professional adult.”

Senior Customer Services Advisor – 4 years

“I find that if the managers, the staff and the atmosphere are all great then you’ll enjoy your job no matter what. That’s exactly what my last 4 years here have been like. The work is so varied that I never know what to expect and that’s what keeps me driven to solve any problem a customer can throw at me.”

Assistant Head of Sales – 2 ½ yrs

“I’ve had a massive amount of opportunities since I’ve been here. The management structure is so solid and professional and the best part is that the company actively look to promote from within.”

Senior Customer Services Advisor – 4 years

“Working in Manchester city centre is fabulous, especially with the location of our office which is so central to everything. It means that the people you work with can quickly become your friends aswell as colleagues and that’s exactly what happens here.”

Sales manager – 2 yrs

“I started here as a sales advisor and within 4 months I really felt like I was moving up within the company. Within a year I had a team of sales advisors to look after. There’s nothing better in your professional life than being recognized for working hard and being good at your job.”